You are invited to participate in the local contest of a worldwide challenge whose aim is to re-ignite your childhood sense of imagination. It’s not only fun, but deeply empowering.

The challenge is very simple: Make use of the objects in the Imagination Kit to create the most entertaining game you can. Submit a video online of your game and win fabulous prizes and worldwide fame!

Afterwards, share and compare your game with other participants from around the world!

Imagination Kit Challenge • TEDx Danubia • March 2011


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Imagination Kit Contents

Kit contents
  • 1 small roll of duct tape (e.g. 10 yards)
  • 6 decorator balloons (e.g. 12”)
  • 12 wooden clothespins
  • 1 newspaper
  • 6 party cups (e.g. 18 oz., plastic, red or blue)
  • Thin rope (e.g. 1/8 inch, 20-30 feet in length)
  • 12 drinking straws
  • 1 small bag of uncooked rice or beans
  • note: use of scissors permitted

How to Participate

The Imagination Kit challenge is very simple. You can form teams of up to four members. Team members can be of any age or gender. Each team can use any or all objects in the Imagination Kit. The challenge is for your team to come up with the most fun game using only the contents of the kit. Upload a video (max. length 60 seconds) of your game to YouTube or Vimeo and complete the ‘Submit Your Video’ form to enter the Imagination Kit Challenge.

Useful Info

Preparing your video. We do not expect professional quality videos with musical accompaniment for the contest. The focus should be on the game itself. Only videos of less than 60 seconds in length are eligible.

Choosing a video portal and uploading. In order to submit your video for the Challenge, you must first upload your video to either YouTube or Vimeo.

Submitting your video for the Challenge. Use the ‘Submit Your Video’ form on this page. Be sure to have handy the link to your video from YouTube or Vimeo.

How do I promote my video? Promote your video among your friends and coworkers. Share the link to this page via Facebook and Twitter. Collect as many Likes clicks on your submitted video as you can. Ask your friends to share it, and create an entire Fan page for your invented game! 

Inspiring Resources: Slingshot Living, Team-O, TEDx.

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Play the Imagination Kit Challenge in your part of the world.